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Forest Service seeks to acquire two botanically spectacular parcels

Trinity Alps Wilderness

From Julie Kierstead-Nelson, Shasta-Trinity National Forest Botanist

Hello friends and plant lovers–the two parcels we (Shasta-Trinity NF) have been offered by a private owner are in the heart of the Trinity Alps, in the Klamath Ranges, one encompassing most of Bowerman Meadows, the other Emerald Lake at the head of Stuart Fork.  I have attached a map, plus the write up I did in a hurry.  We are submitting a funding proposal and will be competing against other acquisition proposals from all over the U.S.

Brenda Tracy, our staff person who is heading up the acquisition process, tells me that our botanical community support and information were very important to the success of our acquisition of lands on Mt. Eddy and Castle Crags.  Please consider a short letter of support.

Please address your letter or email by Monday, December 3rd close of business to:

Brenda Tracy
Public Services Staff Officer and Forest Lands Officer
3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding, CA  96002

SAMPLE VERBIAGE: Botanical values of Morris Meadows and Emerald Lake Parcels

One thought on “Forest Service seeks to acquire two botanically spectacular parcels

  1. Dan Huntington

    I have been trying to get these two pieces into public ownership for nearly 20 years. I am eager to help in any way possible. The link has a photo I took last June that shows both the Corral Creek Timber LLC parcels. Feel free to use it with or without acreditting it to me. I can also send you the original image without the labels. My cell phone number is 360-253-1120. I used to work for Wilderness Land Trust

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