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Ken DeCamp

Ken DeCamp, author of Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps, was born to parents who took him on his first backpacking trip when he was 4 months old into Glacier National Park. Since that time he has logged thousands of trail miles in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, the Carolinas, Georgia, Pakistan, Australia, and Switzerland. He has been drawing and photographing wildflowers for over 40 years and it is from this collection of images that this book became a reality. Though he has traveled widely, he has always considered the mountains of northern California his home and has, for 60 years, explored their most hard to reach places. He retired from the USDA Forest Service in 2008 after a 38 year career in Fire, Land Management Planning, and Public Affairs. He lives with his wife Pam in Shasta Lake where they spend time with their family and their only pet, a cardboard dog named “Flat fido,” gifted by a friend who thought that, someday, they might need serious protection from something. Ken is also an avid backpacker, trail runner, and mountain biker.

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