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Hiking Wild Rivers Country

Hiking Wild Rivers Country
ISBN: 978-1-941624-01-2

Hiking Oregon and California’s Wild Rivers Country is a contemporary guide to a little known region of the Klamath Mountains. It introduces readers to the mainstems, headwaters, and tributaries of the Illinois, Smith, and Chetco rivers through:

  • Comprehensive regional hiking destinations
  • Accurate and detailed hiking maps
  • Natural history notes for most hikes
  • Beautiful photos from across the region
  • Trails ranging from historic to newly constructed
  • Hikes in the following areas:
    1. Oregon Caves National Monument
    2. Kalmiopsis, Red Buttes, and Siskiyou Wilderness
    3. Smith River National Recreation Area

Paperback $19.95


eBook $9.95


“A comprehensive guide to an under appreciated, botanically diverse, and uniquely wild region of the Klamath Mountains.” −Michael Kauffmann, author of Conifer Country

“A good Trail Guide book will not only justify it’s place on the bookshelf for many years but will find it’s way into the pack as well. Hiking Oregon and California’s Wild River Country offers the opportunity for years of “journeys” for those willing to take the first step. The theme of “Wild Rivers”, literally the circulatory system of this unique and diverse Klamath Mountain Province, could not be more appropriate as it weaves together the wild country within various wildernesses, research natural areas and national parks etc. The inclusion of a Dedication by Willis Linn Jepson assured me that appropriate natural history expertise would follow.−Rene Casteran, author of Kalmiopsis Wilderness


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