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Conifer Country

ISBN: 978-0-578-09416-8
ISBN: 978-0-578-09416-8

Conifer Country is an innovative natural history and hiking guide that uses conifers as a lens to explore the astounding plant diversity in the Klamath Mountains.

Educator, plant explorer, and author Michael Kauffmann introduces readers to the magic of this little known botanical wonderland through:

  • The most accurate range maps ever created for conifers in northwest California and southwest Oregon
  • Lively species descriptions
  • Color plates to assist in identifying 35 conifers
  • 29 hike descriptions with maps to explore the conifer diversity
  • Stunning photos from across the Klamath Mountain region

Book $24.95


eBook $14.95


“John Muir would have loved this book. California’s matchless diversity of pines, firs, sequoias and other genera was very close to his heart, and Conifer Country approaches the subject in a way that he would have thoroughly approved… Michael’s attitude toward the trees is very much in Muir’s tradition, seeing them not just as objects of study − “plants,” part of “the scenery,” − but as highly evolved beings, companions and friends on the path of life, and that comes across strongly in Conifer Country’s lively descriptions of the species and their wild environments… Anyone who wants to know why the region’s forest biodiversity is considered a biotic treasure of primary international importance can now buy this book, access its extraordinary wealth of information, and take some of the hikes it recommends. 

David Rains Wallace author of 
The Klamath Knot, Neptune’s Ark,
The Turquoise Dragon, Beasts of Eden, and Chuckwalla Land
(among others)

“Michael Kauffmann has prepared a feast for all conifer lovers. The banquet consists of 35 courses (species), with 29 adventures skillfully roadtested and with clear maps for hikes to savor them all. One thing immediately becomes clear from reading Michael’s book: the extraordinary love and contagious enthusiasm he has for his subject. Novice and professional alike will find much of interest here, and if you do not follow at least a dozen of Michael’s directions for hikes, I would be very surprised. Readers beware: you are about to become infected with a love and appreciation for California’s Conifer Country.

-David Charlet author of
Atlas of Nevada Conifers


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