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American Forests features Conifer Country

Conifer Country is the latest in Knot literature. Part field guide and part hiking guide, it is the product of scientist, explorer, conifer-crazy author Michael Edward Kauffmann, who shares a detectable passion for his subject. The last hike listed in the book is a 400-mile-long route that passes 32 conifer species on a winding course from mountaintop to sea. It’s doubtful that anyone has completed the traverse, except, of course, Kauffmann himself. He did it in 2009, and he called it “The Bigfoot Trail.”

–Tyler Williams

American Forests Magazine has a featured story on the Klamath Mountains written by explorer and author Tyler Williams. He highlights Conifer Country in the story and uses the book to explore 3 of the featured hikes.

Old-growth western white pines surround Little Duck Lake. Photo by Tyler Williams

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