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Winter Hiking and Wild Plants

Hiking Humboldt and Del Norte counties in the winter

Astounding diversity of terrestrial cryptogams exists in the Klamath Mountains—represented by mosses, liverworts, lichen, ferns, and forest mushrooms. In northwestern North America, thousands of species of fungi  are complimented by 900 mosses, 1500 lichens, 250 liverworts, and 100 ferns. Winter hiking offers a winder into the life of cryptogams. This is the time of year, after the first rains, that they spring into green. Moisture plays a key role in cryptogams reproduction.

This is the time of year to revel in the cryptogams because this diverse group needs water because they reproduce with spores.

Cryptograms abound along the Craig’s Creek Trail in Del Norte County.

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Thanks to Cliff and KHUM for capturing this discussion on Happy Trails.

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