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Flora of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

More than 1,800 plants highlighted in new book 

An Illustrated Flora of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

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A significant contribution to the understanding of California’s flora: An Illustrated Flora of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks by Dana York is now available.

Dana York, from Humboldt County, started work on this book in 1995. He was exploring the limestone and marble rock outcrops at Boyden Cave just outside Kings Canyon National Park. During this time, he came upon an unusual buckwheat and sunflower.  He soon returned with fellow botanist Jim Shevock to make collections and the two discovered a third undescribed plant above the Kings River. The three new taxa discovered during these two trips include Heterotheca monarchensis (Monarch goldenaster), Eriogonum ovalifolium var. monarchense (Monarch buckwheat), and Gilia yorkii (Monarch or York’s gilia).

Gilia yorkii (Monarch or York’s gilia)

“From 1995 to 1999, I continued to collect and explore throughout the Kings River Basin to gather data for my master’s thesis,” says York. “The database that I created for my thesis contained nearly 10,000 collection records, including 2,000 of my own made during 150+ collecting trips into the southern Sierra Nevada. It is the foundation that made this book possible.”

This cutting-edge book is an extensive resource for students and scientists with an interest in these two stunning national parks as well as a benefit to naturalists and plant lovers who want to know more about the flora. The book is the first comprehensive guidebook covering the diversity of plants found in the southern Sierra Nevada. From towering giant sequoias in magnificent forests to pygmy alpinegolds growing on desert-like ridgetops, the plants are as rich and beautiful as the famous Sierra landscapes where they grow. The book includes 1,809 species, subspecies and varieties of plants with over 1,500 illustrations with species descriptions. The illustrations were originally published by Stanford University Press in Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States by R. Ferris. Contributing artists to this work include Alice B. Addicott, William S. Atkinson, Helen E. Bacon, Lawrence Beane, Doris H. Blake, Mary E. Eaton, Rose E. Gamble, Mary W. Gill, Jeanne R. Janish, Louise Nash, and Norma Pfeiffer.


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