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Orleans Ranger District Trails Update

Summer 2018

Chris Valle-Riestra

Chris Valle-Riestra is an exceptional volunteer and trail steward–with a particular fondness for the Klamath Mountains. He has been spearheading trailwork in the Orleans Ranger District for many years and knows the trails well . He has updated conditions of trails on the forest for summer 2018.

The Orleans Ranger District has administrative responsibility for recreational trails in three designated ranger districts. These include portions of the Marble Mountain Wilderness, the Trinity Alps  Wilderness, and the Siskiyou Wilderness.

Trail descriptions are grouped by ranger district, and are in alphabetical order within each group :

  • Lower Trinity Ranger District, Six Rivers National Forest
  • Orleans Ranger District, Six Rivers National Forest
  • Ukonom Ranger District, Klamath National Forest
Chris’ PDF Trail Updates:

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